Burrs are usually removed after the hunt with patience and a pair of scissors, and some hunters use cooking spray to help the burrs and thorns slip off more easily after the hunt is complete, especially upland bird hunting. Teuer: Der Verkaufspreis liegt 30% über dem geschätzten Marktpreis. France had Toy Poodles as pampered favorites during the reign of Louis XVI at about the same period, and there are definite records of them being present at Versailles even before Goya was active: Louis XVI's grandfather Louis XV is recorded as having a favorite dog named Filou, a Poodle, and there is potential evidence the “Sun King” Louis XIV kept them as well. This can lead to matting without proper care. ", "Your Dog's Matted Hair Isn't Just Uncomfortable, It's Dangerous", "American Kennel Club: Poodle Breed Standard. Discover (and save!) Dogs under 12 months old may be shown with a "puppy clip." The most common serious health issues of Standard Poodles listed in order of the number of reported cases in the Poodle Health Registry (20 August 2007) are Addison's disease, gastric dilatation volvulus, thyroid issues (hyperthyroid and hypothyroid), tracheal collapse, epilepsy, sebaceous adenitis, juvenile renal disease, hip dysplasia, and cancer. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes four sizes of one breed: Standard, Medium, Miniature, and Toy. Any Poodle with a normal coat can be corded when its adult coat is in. Poodle hair can also be "corded" with rope-like mats similar to those of a Komondor or human dreadlocks. Standard Poodles are also susceptible to some health issues usually too minor to report to the health registry. According to the American Kennel Club, which recognized the breed in 1887,[21] the Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties,[22] and was later bred down to the Miniature and Toy sizes. 8.09,2020. Because they are highly intelligent, harsh or violent training methods do not work with this dog breed in the field—corrections must be timely and given with precision, and the trainer must have a firm, kind, and experienced hand; an overbearing owner training his dog to hunt will find his Standard Poodle terrified of his master and the entire experience, and refusing to budge an inch towards the water or into the brush.[31]. Wir haben eine kleine Hobbyzucht in Berlin (Wohnungshaltung). Catelusa bichon metis Este născută in aprilie 2019 are carnet de sănătate și vaccinurile făcute. From France, these dogs spread throughout the courts of Europe, with dogs of very … Corded coats are difficult to keep clean and take a long time to dry after washing. [46] Thus far, 13 Standard Poodles have won Master Hunt titles (12 in the United States, one in Canada) and several more have won senior and junior titles on both sides of the border. This is frequently present in the somewhat darker feathering of the ears and in the tipping of the ruff. Französische Bulldogge Welpen kaufen baden Württemberg. This is also permitted, but not preferred, in apricot and white parti-Poodles. [citation needed] The smallest, or Toy variety, was developed in England in the 18th century. [79] A Standard Poodle will be fine in a family with many children provided the environment is stable, orderly, and relaxed, with enough room for the dog to go out and retire somewhere quiet if needed. Parti-coloured Poodles are recognized in Poodle history as the original colouring of the Poodle. Standard Poodles with unexplained lethargy, frequent gastric disturbances, or an inability to tolerate stress should be tested for it. Standard Poodles achieved the award in 1955, 1985, 2002, and 2014. [59] A parti-Poodle has solid-coloured patches over a white coat. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème caniche, chien, chien caniche. The dog's survival usually depends on whether the owner can get to a veterinarian in time. The rest of the body is shaved for less drag in the water. Addison's is often undiagnosed because early symptoms are vague and easily mistaken for other conditions. A bichon is a distinct type of toy dog; it is typically kept as a companion dog.Believed to be descended from the Barbet, it is believed the bichon-type dates to at least the 11th century; it was relatively common in 14th century France, where they were kept as pets of the royalty and aristocracy. [55], Poodles of all sizes intended to be show dogs are required to have a show clip of the choosing of the kennel club to which their owners belong. Alle unsere Tiere leben bei uns mit in der Familie und sind somit auch Kinder gewöhnt.Sie sind an alle Alltagsgeräusche... Vorankündigung Welpen Shih Tzu x bichon frisé das Ultraschall Bild hat Es bestätigt;-) meine Hündin ronja, (shihtzu x bichon frisé) und mein Rüde chester, ... Wir haben entzückende Bichon frise Babys abzugeben. Accueil; Sites Internet; Marketing digital; E-learning Registries prefer that parti-Poodles have the same points as its correlating solid-coloured descendants. [29][30] The outcome is a gun dog that is very eager to please its master and possessing extreme intelligence, a relentless drive to catch its quarry, and strong swimming skills that require special training. For the archaeological site in Peru, see, group of dog breeds, originating from continental Western Europe (either Germany or France), Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Breed Information Centre Poodle (Standard)", "Fédération Cynologique Internationale: Poodle Breed Standard", "La Centrale Canine: Poodle Breed Standard", "These Are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in the U.S.", "A Brief History of the Standard Schnauzer", "Irish Water Spaniel | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Attention must be paid to a poodle's ears, because hair grows in their ears. Für die Richtigkeit, Vollständigkeit und Aktualität der Inhalte können wir … Traits of puppies from crossbreedings are not as predictable as those from purebred Poodle breedings, and the crosses may shed or have unexpected or undesirable qualities from the parent breeds. [70] They will enjoy hiking and camping trips with their masters or families. Their individual hair follicles have an active growth period that is longer than that of many other breeds of dogs; combined with the tightly curled coat, which slows the loss of dander and dead hair by trapping it in the curls, an individual Poodle may release less dander and hair into the environment. Many breed registries allow only certain clips for Poodles shown in conformation. [23] The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes four sizes of one breed: Standard, Medium, Miniature, and Toy. In blues, grays, silvers, browns, café au laits, apricots, and creams, the coat may show varying shades of the same color. Poodles have been used as working dogs in the military since at least the 17th century, most likely because of their highly intelligent, trainable nature and background as a gundog making them suitable to battlefields, as evidenced by their ability to be trained to ignore gunfire. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Caniche Noir in … Pui Pug Metis Pui pug metis 6 saptamani. Manteau adapté au petit chien comme le yorkshire, le chihuahua, le bichon, le caniche.... de la taille 20 à 40 cm. Wir haben Biyok Welpen,in allen Farben. 8.09,2020. [1] When the breed was officially recognized by the FCI, in order to avoid any possible dispute between two founding members, Germany recognized the Poodle as a dog originating from France. The upper coat is solid black: head, back, tail; and the lower coat is white: neck, chest, abdomen, and legs, making up usually 40% or more of the coat. The word Pudel in turn comes from Low German pud(d)eln meaning "[to] splash in water,"[13][14] cognate with the English word puddle. [90], Although hair, dander, and saliva can be minimized, they are still present and can stick to "clothes and the carpets and furnishings in your home"; inhaling them, or being licked by the dog, can trigger a reaction in a sensitive person. This is very important when working the dog in a contest as well as an environment with guns: a trained Poodle will not scare easily at the sound of gunfire, but it is wise to make him abide by his master's instructions in trials so he does not fall foul of danger and ignore the set course while attempting to "solve" how to get the duck. Bichon à poil frisée Welpen & Hunde kaufen & verkaufen. Nos connaissances des chiens et notre expérience d’éleveur vous garantissent les meilleurs conseils ainsi qu’un suivi attentif. Aug 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Nemeth-siegl Timea. The Poodle has contributed to many other dog breeds, such as the Miniature Schnauzer,[15]the Standard Schnauzer,[16] and dogs of the Bichon type[17] in order to either save those breeds from extinction or reduce size, or by dog fanciers to improve their appearance. Manteau Teddy noir pour chien. [41] Toy Poodles won "Best in Show" at Crufts in 1966 and 1982. [citation needed] As to where any of these clips originated, such is in dispute: some sources believe the show clips evolved from working clips, which originally provided warmth to major joints when the dogs were immersed in cold water. 16 mai 2017 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Misty James. It is the most common one in all sizes for shows in Europe, and is allowed for adult Poodles to be shown in the FCI countries. 8 sept. 2016 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Crystal | Going Pure & Natural. Yes, poodles can make good hunting dogs, too", "Fédération Cynologique Internationale Group 9, Section 2, Poodle", "List of poodle puppies registered to the French Kennel Club", Fédération Cynologique Internationale breed nomenclature, Australian National Kennel Council breeds by group, "What is the difference between hair and fur? For example, with school age children and teenagers they will be absolutely delighted at the prospect of playing hide and seek. Logged Bichons Frise': Tasha, Willy, Riley, Belle, Frankie. Some minor registries and Internet registry businesses will register dogs as any breed the owner chooses with minimal or no documentation; some even allow the breeder or owner to make up a new "breed name". However, hunters in the U.S. and Canada have found them very useful for woodcock, chukar, mallards, and smaller ducks like the green-winged teal and the bufflehead: their tiny size is an asset in getting at corners and brush that comparatively more massive retrievers cannot reach or where bramble is too thick for Cocker Spaniels to access.[37][38]. Recognized FCI colourations are black, white, brown, gray, apricot, and red. A Poodle will do well at many dog sports, including dog agility,[63] flyball,[64][65] dock diving,[66] dog surfing,[67][68] field tracking, disc dog,[69] and, for the larger-sized Poodles, even schutzhund. Like Dobermans, phantom Poodles have either a black or brown main coat with tan (usually apricot or red) lighter colourings around the eyebrows, muzzle, throat, legs, feet, and below their tail. [75][76][77][78], As with all dogs, introductions to babies should be gradual, though most Standards will tolerate a baby and learn to be gentle and will respect toddlers so long as the child is supervised. They would be happy to run alongside a teenager on a skateboard in autumn, to slide down the hill on a sled in winter with younger children, or to jump in the swimming pool in summertime to chase after diving rings or to splash with the kids so long as they have been taught how to use the stairs to get out and water safety skills for dogs. [10] The progenitor of the breed might have also been crossed with the Hungarian Puli. Haftungsausschluss: Haftung für Inhalte. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Amazon.de. The 2002 winner came from Norway and was the first overseas exhibit to win the Crufts best in show award. The AKC recognizes Poodles in either solid-coloured and multi-colored coats; however, only solid-colored poodles may compete in conformation. Traditionally the Standard Poodle, the largest of the breed, was a retriever or gun dog, used in particular for duck hunting and sometimes upland bird hunting. Vaccinati conform varstei! your own Pins on Pinterest Poodles shed hair in minimal amounts, and also release dander, but are not as likely to trigger allergies as much as many other breeds. Addison's can cause fatal sodium/potassium imbalances, but if caught early and treated with lifelong medication, most dogs can live a relatively normal life. Caractéristiques de la race. Further appearances in art are recorded by Rembrandt in a self portrait he created in 1631, with his pet Poodle in the foreground. The most common of these minor issues is probably ear infections, which are a problem in all Poodle varieties because their nonshedding coat grows into the ear canal, where it traps wax and dirt. However, all individual dogs, even from breeds who are talented swimmers like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever or the Portuguese Water Dog, require a gentle introduction to water before they are comfortable in it and will not start swimming readily as young puppies. 2017 - Découvrez le tableau "caniche royal" de Mary caro sur Pinterest. The face, throat, belly, feet and the base of the tail are shaved five to seven days before the show to get a nice, smooth appearance of the shaved areas. The word hypoallergenic, when referring to a dog, is also a misconception; all dogs shed. Entdecken Sie Caniche noir von PBZ bei Amazon Music. [85] In a U.K. survey, the most common causes of death were cancer (30%), old age (18%), GDV (6%) and cardiac disease (5%). Incomplete colour of nose, lips and eye rims, or a "mismatched" colour are considered faults by registries. So bin ich auf den Hund/Bichon Frisé gekommen . All the Fédération Cynologique Internationale Poodles are in Group 9 Companion and Toy, Section 2 Poodle. A typical Poodle should be reserved and a little aloof with strangers upon first introduction, but after a while should slowly reveal a warm and personable disposition once the dog realizes the new person is trustworthy and means no harm. The dog's abdomen may be visibly swollen, but bloat or torsion can occur without visible swelling. Das Markenzeichen des Bichon Frisé ist sein langes, weißes, korkenzieherartiges Haar. This clip is now rarely seen in Standard Poodles. In American Kennel Club (AKC) shows, adults must be shown in the "Continental" or "English saddle" clips. Total évalué: 23 . Unlike most dogs, which have double coats, Poodles have a single-layer coat (no undercoat is present) composed of dense, curly fur[51] that sheds minimally. Though once as common as the curly Poodle, corded Poodles are now rare. | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Brindle, noir, crème, rouge, argent, gris, bleu, brun, abricot, blanc, sable ; Prix : 600 - 1220 EUR ; Hypoallergénique : Oui . [86], Addison's disease is (as of 20 August 2007) the illness most commonly reported to the Poodle Health Registry. The clocked speed is only just behind the Whippet, a breed that is used for coursing and thus the Standard Poodle leaves the Labrador Retriever in the dust, with its average speed closer to 20 mph, or 32 km/h. phalenes.ch. Entdecke 15 Anzeigen für Bichon frise Welpen kaufen zu Bestpreisen. Poodle show clips require many hours of brushing and care per week, about 10 hours/week for a Standard Poodle. The rest of the dog is shaped with scissors. Lucky, un Maltipoo - croisement entre un bichon maltais et un caniche, une race populaire aux Etats-Unis - a remporté cette année la Palm Dog remise à l’occasion du Festival de Cannes 2015. Unlike other spaniels and retrievers, Standard Poodles will attempt to solve a problem independently and need to be told specifically what is wanted when tracking and retrieving a bird. Most owners also keep the feet and face clipped short to prevent dirt from matting between toes, tear stains on lighter-coated Poodles and food from matting around the dog's muzzle. Le Royal Caniche et le Bosquet, c’est depuis plus de 20 ans la passion du toilettage et de l’élevage de chiens de races. Miniature and Toy Poodles must not be treated like babies; they must not be picked up and carried around constantly and without being put on a leash to walk: they will start to believe they are in charge and that they do not owe anyone good behavior, and thus they become very spoiled and uncontrollable.[82][83][84]. The breed has been used for fowl hunting in the U.S. and Canada since the early 1990s, in and out of hunting tests. Drawings by German artist Albrecht Dürer established the popular image of the breed in the 15th and 16th centuries. [5], Ranked second most intelligent dog breed just behind the Border Collie,[6] the Poodle is skillful in many dog sports and activities, including agility, obedience, tracking, herding, circus performance, and assistance dogs. phalenes.ch. Brown and white parti-Poodles have liver-coloured noses, eye rims and lips, dark or self-coloured toenails and amber eyes. Bichon Frisé: Aussehen und Statur der kleinen Hunde. [citation needed], The second puppy clip is also called the Scandinavian clip or puppy clip. 350, 00 € Vând pui de bichon Vând pui bichon deparazitați și vaccinati. Unsere Welpen wachsen im Wohnzimmer auf und somit von Anfang an in unser... Bleiben Sie informiert über Bichon frise Welpen kaufen. Poodle crossbreeds (also called Poodle hybrids) are not recognized by any major breed registry, as crossbreeds are not one breed of dog, but two. [60] Though not suitable for being a guard dog because it is neither a territorial breed nor particularly aggressive, Poodles who are well loved and cared for will reciprocate with devotion and loyalty: a dog of this breed is normally quiet and calm, but if it is totally sure danger is near, it quickly becomes very protective of its master, its master's spouse, and its master's children.[61][62]. Die welpen stammen von preisgekrönten eltern und versprechen shows. [citation needed], In the Continental clip, the face, throat, feet and part of the tail are shaved. The Bichon Noir should be at least 90% black with possible white flashes. Le Royal Caniche - Le Bosquet Caniche, Bichon Maltais, Bouledogue. The feet are kept as hairless as possible to aid the dog in swimming and so that when the dog is commanded to run hard, it has the necessary traction to bolt after the waterfowl or pheasant that has been shot. Their background as duck dogs means centuries of instinctive attraction to water and thus they can go on any trip involving swimming,[71] whether in the sea, at the lake, or even in whitewater up to class III for the Standard,[72][73]though a lifejacket is paramount for all of the above. Quelle: erstellt mit dem Impressum-Generator Website von eRecht24. Siehe selbst! The British Kennel Club states that the breed originates in Germany, as do the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club, stating: "Despite the Poodle’s association with … Symptoms include restlessness, inability to get comfortable, pacing, or retching without being able to bring up anything. For solid-coloured Poodles, the coat is an even and solid colour at the skin. The coat should be of naturally curly texture, dense throughout, although most AKC-registered show dogs have a continental cut or other, similarly shaven look. 18 sept. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Caniche royal noir" de Julie Papineau sur Pinterest. Phantom Poodles have the colouring of a Doberman Pinscher, with a lighter colour appearing on their "eyebrows", muzzle and throat, legs and feet and below their tail. Geboren am 01.09.2020. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Bichon, Hunde und Welpen kaufen oder verkaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! [27] The Canadian Kennel Club admitted the Standard Poodle for hunting trials in 1996 and the American Kennel Club in 1998, respectively.[28]. All the Kennel Club Poodles are in the Utility Group. Indem Sie fortfahren, stimmen Sie unseren Datenschutz und Cookie Richtlinien zu und nehmen zur Kenntnis die Art in der wir Ihre personenbezogenen Daten bearbeiten und Cookies einstellen, Über FOCUS Online Kleinanzeigen ∙ Sicheres Einkaufen ∙ Ihre Anzeigen hier. Einfach. The breed’s origin is disputed: whether it descends from Germany as a type of water dog, or from the French Barbet. Poodles are bred in a variety of sizes, distinguished by adult shoulder (withers) height. Unsere... Hochwertiger Bichon Frise wurf für neue besitzer erhältlich. The AKC allows the "Sporting" clip in Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes, as well. Sie sind... Aristocratic privilege ladybug female, d.O.B. A pet owner can anticipate grooming a Poodle every six to eight weeks. Toy Poodles have one of the smallest litter size of all breeds. "Poodles" redirects here. [24]The Miniature and Toy varieties tend to be bred primarily for companionship. Alle unsere Tiere leben bei uns mit in der Familie und sind somit auch Kinder gewöhnt.Sie sind an alle... Angel in the limelight ladybug Male, 3 months old, 3,4kg, 20cm height, 6x6 scissor-bite fci pedigree Sire bagamoyo luk skywalker, inter&multi ch, Multi Club... ICH Suche einen bichon frisé Welpen. Innerhalb von Deutschland. The coat will usually be white and coloured in equal amounts, though it can vary with a larger percent of white. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. For the Swedish heavy metal band, see, "Caniche" redirects here. Poodles are no different and must learn that water is a place to play first. ", "New York hunters discover some unusual gundog breeds", "That dog hunts? Recently, Miniature Poodles have also begun to be added to the list of hunters in the field: in January 2002, the Canadian Kennel Club opened their Working Certificate program to Poodles of all sizes and later in 2014 the American Kennel Club opened their Hunt Test program to Miniature Poodles; in 2017 both the Standard and Miniature were declared eligible for American Kennel Club Spaniel Tests, a program designed for testing dogs with flushing capabilities. Cats: Crystal, Ebony, Bobby, Tommy, Tuppence, Mandy, Emma . ", "Non-dietary risk factors for gastric dilatation-volvulus in large and giant breed dogs", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Poodle&oldid=1004412331, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2021, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2011, Articles needing additional references from April 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 February 2021, at 13:36. [citation needed], The English saddle clip is similar to the continental, except for the hindquarters, which are not shaved except for a small, curved area on each flank (just behind the body), the feet, and bands just below the stifle (knee) and above the hock, leaving four (4) pompons. Quelle que soit [...] la taille, le caniche … Black, blue, gray, silver, cream, and white poodles have black noses, eye rims and lips, black or self-coloured toenails and very dark eyes. Unsere Welpen werden im Wohnzimmer geboren und wachsen dort auch liebevoll auf, unsere... Diese Rasse hat mich fasziniert: liebevoll-charmant, kuschelweich, klug und leicht erziehbar. The upper half of the front legs is shaved, leaving "fluffy bracelets" around the ankles. Retrieved May 12, 2007", "Toy Poodles, Breeds from Pet Health 101", "Poodle Barking | Toy, Mini and Standard", "Versatility In Poodles - Agility Poodles", "North American Flyball Association - 2013 In the Spotlight", "Laredo - Fast Fourward Flyball Team - San Diego, CA", "Insanity is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Why do we Dock Dive? Lizzie Guest; Re: Bichon Noir … Standard Poodles in U.K., Denmark and U.S./Canada surveys had a median lifespan of 11.5 to 12 years. The British Kennel Club states that the breed originates in Germany,[3] as do the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club, stating: "Despite the Poodle’s association with France, the breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany..."[4] The Oxford English Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary both trace the etymology of Poodle to the German Pudel, which itself comes from Pudelhund. The Standard would be very happy playing baseball or tennis with kids and teenagers, because that means catching wayward balls in their mouths. Caked-on mud and swamp debris can be easily removed with a garden hose and a mild soap, and ears must be carefully inspected after each outing and cleaned if needed. They require both physical and intellectual activities. They should be cleaned religiously with a solution and hair should be removed, so that earwax buildup does not accumulate and moisture does not take hold, both causing infection. 48 oferte pentru Vand Pui de Bichon Metis Caniche! 21 mars 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "caniche ch" de Alex sur Pinterest. "[40] Dogs for Defense procured the dogs, who were then trained by the Army. [45], Having returned to the hunt after a long absence, Standard Poodles have been winning titles against the more widely used native breeds like the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, American Water Spaniel and Labrador Retriever. Brown and café au lait Poodles have liver-coloured noses, eye rims and lips, dark toenails and dark amber eyes. Their aptitude is second only to the British Border Collie[6] and thus the hunting Standard Poodle requires the gunman to be quite specific as to what he wants and how he wants it done and to avoid becoming too repetitive doing training drills so the dog does not become bored: it likes to be challenged. 18220 [citation needed], Pet clips can be as simple or as elaborate as the owners wish. 350, 00 Lei. The Poodle is a dog breed that comes in three varieties: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. They have been show competitors at kennel clubs since the invention of such institutions in the second half of the 19th century. [32][33] They are talented hunters of upland birds and normally in snowy weather require an extra coat, preferably neon orange for visibility. The hindquarters are shaved except for bracelets on the lower leg (from the hock to the base of the foot) and optional round areas (called "rosettes") over the hips. Poodles are known as a highly intelligent, energetic, and sociable breed. During the English Civil War, Prince Rupert of the Rhine had a hunting Poodle he brought over with him from what is today Germany with a white coat who liked to ride into battle with his master on horseback. The Poodle also is believed to be an ancestor or potential ancestor of the Irish Water Spaniel,[18] the Curly-Coated Retriever,[19] and the Pudelpointer,[20] all of which are also hunters of birds. [86], Miniature and Toy Poodles in U.K. surveys had median lifespans of 14 to 14.5 years. The Poodle has a wide variety of colouring, including white, black, brown, blue, gray, silver, café au lait, silver beige, cream, apricot, and red, and patterns such as parti-, abstract, sable, phantom, and brindle. Femelles de 2 mois. An air cleaner, air duct outlet and vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help clear dander floating in the air.[91]. 28 mars 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Caniche noir" de Nancy Bourgeois sur Pinterest. [11] The French name Caniche comes from the word cane (the female of the duck) since this type of breed was used as a water retriever mainly for duck hunting, thanks to its swimming ability.[12]. Mai multe detalii la tel 0762584175 sau pe. Alle... Lockige Bisonwelpen, saubere Blutlinien. The Poodle is an active, intelligent and elegant dog, squarely built, and well proportioned. Hunting and working dogs were typically of the Standard variety, though some reports suggest that smaller varieties such as the Miniature may have been popular for truffle hunting, as their feet were less likely to damage the delicate fungi. [80][81]The Miniature and Toy varieties tend to have less patience with young children and might find certain children's antics too much to handle, especially because young children are much larger than they are and may attempt to grab them without understanding how this is frightening to a small dog.

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