The pedagogical model of IBEM hinges […], iBTS is a private higher technical institution based near Paris (France). These e-learning programmes allow learners to combine studies with a professional life, benefit from great flexibility for the Learning process and acquisition of skills, […], The Institut Supérieur Européen offers 26 undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas in varied fields such as management, communication, finance, logistics, human resources and environment. ALTICOME Formations offers innovative, qualification-granting and academically rigorous programmes. Groupe Médicis offers excellent theoretical training as well as practical training through its work-study programmes. All courses are tailored to the current and future needs of the job market. The institution offers degree-granting initial educational programmes from post-secondary to master’s level in marketing, tourism, management, human resources and IT. In addition to its training programme designed to meet the needs of the Fashion and Luxury market, our school has developed a […]. In the following areas : – Communication – Wellbeing – Occupational health and safety, CEBP is a private higher education institution based in Paris (France) that is specialised in French as a foreign language (FLE) courses for non-native speakers of French. […], MSLux Institute is a work-study school specializing in the field of human resources, business management and business law. GPEI is a training centre specialised in work study since 1999, in the fields of marketing, management and administration management. Professionalisation is at the heart of the educational model of Ecole 2089. MFR La Petite Gonthière, Anse. All programmes at Ludus Académie are structured around 4 skills sets: Information Technology, Game Design, Management & Leadership and […], M2S Formation is a training centre specialised in work-study programmes and continuing vocational training. FEDE - Federation for EDucation in Europe. The higher education course will be complemented by a university degree and a master’s degree from 2019 and 2020 onwards. Des étudiants de la MFR de Rollancourt présentent la valorisation du digestat. The individual and professional success of its students is at the heart of the school’s considerations. The institution offers both high-quality degree-granting programmes and ongoing training to meet the needs of practising professionals. MFR du Clunisois Charly 71250 MAZILLE Tél : Fax : Email : • à la campagne, et proche des grands axes, • des bâtiments récents et fonctionnels, • un internat distinct (pour filles et garçons), • une restauration de qualité • une structure à taille humaine. The priority of CESA Sup is to enable its students to thrive […], For almost 25 years now, COGEFI group, a training institution based in Ile-de-France, has been offering programmes in the fields of Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance. It offers courses from Bac+2, Bac+3 to Bac+5 in Management, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Communication, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Web Journaling and Mobile/Web Application Development. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. These cookies do not store any personal information. EPCCI […], EPIM is a private vocational educational institution founded in 2017 and recognised by the Moroccan Ministry of Education. Drawing on its in-depth experience, AFIP offers quality training thanks to a faculty comprised of seasoned professionals. Propose également des formations scolaires pour le Bac professionnel CGEA, BTSA ACSE, BTS Ma That is why it provides them with rigorous […], IUTS, the University Institute of Advanced Technicians, is a private higher education institution based in Baie Mahault (Guadeloupe). The institution shapes future operational and qualified professionals through quality programmes. Maison Familiale Rurale de Balleroy - 81 rue des Forges - 14490 BALLEROY Tél. Students are supervised by a qualified and experienced team of expert teachers. The school moulds professionals of a high academic level who are operational, innovative and exposed […], Since 1993, Groupe GEFOR, a European Training Group, has been training efficient and recognised professionals, while applying continuous efforts to adapt to company demands, so that a programme effectively prepares one to succeed in exams and integrating the job market. It seeks to expose the artistic talent and creativity of each of its students through theoretical lessons on professional […], Edupro is a private higher education institution based in Algiers (Algeria) that specialises in training for careers in management, international commerce, finance, accounting, insurance, public service and tourism. 44470 CARQUEFOU. The institution offers sandwich courses ranging from secondary (French baccalaureate) to postsecondary (bachelor’s) level in the tertiary sector: accounting, administration, trade, management, human resources, marketing, communications etc. – opting for an institution that balances theoretical learning with the acquisition of professional skills and experience of the business world; – ensuring they will gain hands-on skills and experience through workplace immersion activities; Programmes are designed to provide a transition between education and the world of work. It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in various sectors: communication, accounting, finance, IT, human resources, etc. It is the only private school in France that is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Moez Naouar International Academy is a professional training institution specialised in beauty, cosmetics making, creation and artistic innovation. Graduates obtain Algerian BTS/BT/CMP or CAP qualifications. ISG relies on a high quality teaching staff composed of high […], Ecole 2089 is a private higher education institution that was established in 2015 in Besançon (France). It offers quality courses ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees, which incorporate theoretical knowledge, practical know-how and corporate interpersonal skills. MFR Location de salles Lycées agricoles privés Apprentissage Formation professionnelle Formation continue Collèges, lycées avec internat Gîtes Maisons familiales rurales : adresse, photos, retrouvez les coordonnées et informations sur le professionne ; Certificat de Spécialisation Arborite - Élagueur. ISNAB puts practical experience and career prospects at the heart of its teaching programmes and has […], ISTH is a professional school based in Fez, Morocco, that offers programmes in 5 activity sectors: hotel management, restaurant business, tourism, marketing and human resources. AREP 29’s courses meet both the expectations of students and the needs of companies. FDM BUSINESS SCHOOL enables students to gain both a qualification and professional experience while doing a job they enjoy. The institution provides on-site […], HR Academy is the higher education entity of the RH EXPERT firm, which is specialised in human resources training, and is based in Luxembourg. Indeed, the institution’s teaching modules […], IFSC, the Catalan Sports Training Institute, is a private higher education institution based in Perpignan (France). Its close ties with industry make it a key actor in teaching the French jewellery tradition. All the programs are available solely in French or also in German with part of the program in 2 foreign countries : Germany and Switzerland. The institution works closely with economic stakeholders and possesses a significant network […], The Institut Univers is a private Algerian vocational higher educational institution founded in 1997 and offering courses in a number of high-recruitment specialist subject areas (trade, finance, management, marketing, human resources and more). The institution’s programmes encourage students to become active learners and to pay attention to the world around them. The ESSCG aims to produce future managers who are both productive and responsible, fully equipped to meet the needs of contemporary businesses […], ESTC, School of Commercial Sciences and Techniques, is a business school located in Marseille (France). The WUG provides its students […], VBS is a private higher education school located in Ferney Voltaire (France) near by the French Swiss border. The school offers superior academic programmes in the fields of Management, Commerce and Administration, with a pedagogical focus on excellence, innovation, employment, research, personal growth, initiative and […], EFCI, the French School of International Commerce, is a higher education institution based in Casablanca (Morocco), at the heart of its dynamic business hub. Based in Strasbourg (France) and Brussels (Belgium), the institution offers programmes dedicated to video games and serious games. […], IFPF, the Training Institute for the Future, is a private higher and professional education institution based in Tangier (Morocco). Thanks to à la carte work-study programmes, the school positions practical learning at the heart of its pedagogical approach in order to allow students to be […], Lemania School, which was founded in 1908, is a private school located in Lausanne (Switzerland) that offers a broad range of programmes ranging from secondary education to higher studies, which are delivered by experienced faculty members who are keen on imparting their knowledge. It offers qualifying study programmes and skills training in the sectors of company administration, commerce, communication, banking, real estate, tourism and web marketing. A modest-sized institution, IFC delivers quality education with the aim of steering its students towards […], The IFG (Institut Français de Gestion) was founded in 1956 on the initiative of social partners and in collaboration with the French public authorities. Every year, […], Euro-Formation is a private higher education school based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) that offers a broad range of programmes ranging from marketing to IT, including finance and logistics. […], Ecole du Paysage (landscaping school) is a school whose classes are offered through e-learning, for training in careers in landscape architecture and design. MFR Le Cateau Officiel, Le Cateau-Cambrésis. The goal of the academic approach of IHE Paris is its students’ employability. It specialises in human resources management courses. Une formation en 3 ans : 52 semaines à la MFR (CFA) Réalisation de nombreux stages (élevage canin/félin ; éducation ; toilettage ; assistant vétérinaire ; autres productions animales) However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. The centre offers courses in procurement, accounting, leadership, management, marketing, project management, human resources and […], The over 23,000 students that have trained at CENEC Malaga over 30 years is the best proof of the quality education provided by the institution. It also offers short-term courses providing rapid access to the job market. This private school offers training in design and visual communication, as well as drawing and painting. Avec la location de camions pour le transport des chevaux, camion pour transporter 2 chevaux, et que l'on peut conduire avec le permis B. formation canine,élevage canin et félin . MVT Média Vraiment tout Terrain Le nouveau média des MFR. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The school positions its students’ job market integration as one of the priorities of its pedagogical approach. To train the next generation of managers – those who are ready to face new challenges head-on and have a […], Founded in 2008, IKI Group offers programmes in the fields of administration, management and commerce. The aim of ESI Business School? Se former pour diriger une exploitation agricole. It seeks to contribute towards training an elite that is capable of supporting the development of the country, and the continent in general. Since […], Co-Progress Education Group (CPMC) was established in 2001, with a focus on education investments, technology innovation, educational funds management, and educational training. It offers high-quality programmes available both full time and as part-time sandwich courses. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. It is the first private Moroccan school that is specialised in customs professional training. The institution provides its students with quality training for tertiary sector careers, through work-study, initial training and distance programmes, which are aligned with corporate expectations. La MFR de Anse est un établissement scolaire de formation par alternance : 4e/3e d'orientation, bac pro.. utes d'Angers, la MFR La Meignanne propose un rythme d'alternance qui permet aux apprenants d'intégrer le marché du travail progressivement. It offers programmes ranging from high school studies to master’s degrees in marketing, finance, IT, logistics, management, human resources and administration. Teaching is available in both French and English. The College has […], With over 40 years of existence, the EFET Group has trained thousands of students who now work as executives in companies operating in various sectors: Finance, IT, Marketing, Management, Tourism and Logistics. Drawing on a comprehensive network of companies, Aformance applies its expertise and knowledge of the job market to facilitate the professional integration of its […], AFPI Loire is a professional training centre based in Saint-Etienne and Roanne (France). The pedagogical approach of HECGI enables students to endow themselves with the operational skills required to take up leadership roles. Its co-founders have over 30 years of experience in higher education, vocational training, engineering and consulting. It is part of the Notre-Dame Saint-Joseph educational complex, which provides secondary to post-secondary education. Saint-Dominique is endowed with a reputation which was built through a strong identity, a rich history and a set of founding values. Programmes focus on the tertiary sector: trade, marketing, management, communications, human resources, administration, accounting, banking and finance. It offers diplomas ranging from 2 years post-high school diplomas to master’s degrees, through work-study programmes or initial training. The institution is part of a vast Tunisian and European academic and professional network. The school trains students and working professionals or professionals seeking to switch careers, through work-study programmes and initial training, on-site or through e-learning and offers solutions tailored […], Higher educational institution accredited by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. ICMP offers a range of programmes and diplomas across various fields, via initial training or continuing education: Business Management and Administration, Transport & Logistics […], For 30 years, ICOGES has been occupying a central place among higher education private institutions. Des étudiants de la MFR de Rollancourt présentent la culture du miscanthus et ses intérêts. IFM’s catchword is career prospects: students are actively assisted in achieving their ambitions and professional […], IFOA is part of a grouping of 3 higher education institutions IFOA, ESO, ESNAT Private higher education establishment registered with the Aix-Marseille rectorate and the Créteil academy. The success of our students is our priority! It is also an innovative and multicultural school that is exposed to […], The Minerva School is a private professional training institution that was founded in 1949 in Lausanne (Switzerland). It trains students on marketing, logistics, finance, management, human resources, tourism, international commerce and luxury industry careers, through programmes ranging from high school courses to master’s degrees. The institution also provides professionals seeking to validate or acquire new management skills with the possibility of enrolling […], Racine Plus is a private education institution that was created in 1997 and is based in Marrakesh (Morocco). Owing to innovative pedagogy, the learner is at the heart of the teaching and learning approach. It provides training for corporate careers (marketing, management, commerce, communication, entrepreneurship) via BBAs, MBAs, DBAs and Ph.D.s. Closely aligned with the latest teaching practices, bolstered by a structured network of member institutions and alumni, FEDE institutions comply with European standards and are recognised by professionals and recruiters. Its distance learning offer and on-site learning centres help learners accomplish their professional projects. Mfr saone et loire Formations par alternance : MFR Mazill . The school is particularly keen on enhancing a learner’s individual development based on 4 values: commitment, selflessness, sharing and mutual respect. AIC provides high academic standards both in languages and in sciences, and makes sure its students are admitted to the […], As the number one private school of Art in France (outside Paris), Bellecour Ecole offers the widest and most coherent range of training in creative fields – Design, Media and Entertainment (Animation and Game). La Maison Familiale Rurale de Rollancourt vous forme de la classe de Seconde à la Licence professionnelle, dans différents domaines : Agriculture, Chasse, Cheval, Commerce, Environnement, Gestion, Comptabilité, Animation des territoires. During their studies, students develop their professional project, their technical skills but also an artistic outlook. Form face-to-face, e-learning and hybrid professionals and leaders of tomorrow in the fields of commerce, marketing, management, finance, management and human resources, IT, digital, quality, environment, energy, health and safety. OBTENTION de l’EXAMEN. Contact: Monsieur Benoit Thibodaux. Academic excellence is at the heart of ISG’s pedagogical project, which benefits from more than 10 years of experience in the preparation of BACHELOR, MASTER and MBA degrees delivered by European partners. This modest-sized school enables each student to benefit from personalised supervision […], ESVE, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, de Vente et d’Exportation, is a private advanced learning institution that offers programmes for Commerce and Marketing careers with a substantial international dimension. Whether through initial education or work-study programmes, the institution […], CANVAS is a Swiss institution specialising in fashion and graphic design. Established in Switzerland since 1986, ESM offers 100% Francophone instruction in which pragmatism takes precedence over academia, with courses in the […], Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry for Labour and Professional Training, the ESMS (l’Ecole Supérieure de Management Stratégique) also enjoys the institutional accreditation of the National Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANAQ-SUP) and is a member of the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe). It offers the opportunity to acquire solid and substantial professional experience thanks to an innovative pedagogical approach. The centre delivers quality training that is hinged on both the acquisition of firm theoretical knowledge and practical implementation through significant professional experiences engaged […]. The institution’s range of full-time and sandwich programmes ensure ETS graduates are fully equipped to meet […], Euridis is a business school specializing in training for the commerce and complex sales professions and Digital Business (Digital Marketing). IPF places particular emphasis on its students’ career […], IPIF (Institut Polytechnique International François) located in Abidjan CÔTE d’IVOIRE, is a private institution of higher and professional education in Management and Technology created in 2015. With small numbers per class, and by offering personalised supervision, BSL guides students until they […], CAFA Formations is a private higher education institution located in the heart of Bordeaux (France). […], MIAGE Group was created in 1996 by university lecturers and corporate professionals. To this effect, its pedagogical […], Founded in 1982, the ETS Ecole Européenne is a private higher educational institution located in Paris. The learning approach is […], The European College of Nutrition and Nutritherapy is a department of CERDEN (European Research Centre, Development and Teaching of Nutrition and Nutritherapy), Cerfpa is a private distance learning and e-learning centre that offers a broad range of over 100 courses in 9 sectors, such as events communication, corporate careers as well as social, psychology and alternative medicine careers. CFAP places learners’ personalised and individualised support at the heart of its pedagogical approach as it enrols a minimal number of students per class […], CFC Sainte-Ursule is an institution based in Caen (France) that specialises in initial training and work-study programmes for careers in the tertiary and community health sectors. O.F.I. Jonathan a 1 poste sur son profil. The institution offers courses in ICT, administration, management and commerce. Traditional Reiki, which was developed in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been brought up to date by the Institut de Reiki, which combines the initial teachings of […], For more than 50 years, the Institut Supérieur de Formation par Alternance de Richemont has offered courses from Bac to Bac+3 in the fields of agronomy, viticulture and oenology as well as the social and family economy. Sharing our know-how with particulars and with international and Moroccan companies is at the core of our existence.Our main goal is your […], The MBI (Management Business International) Institute is a private higher education institution located in Setif (Algeria). The EFET group has institutions in all of Morocco’s main cities and provides training to thousands of future business managers in various sectors. Students undertake internships in […], Created in September 2003, the Brazzaville Institute of Management (IMB) is a higher education institution located in the Republic of Congo. The pedagogical approach of O.F.I. Ecole en Direct offers a broad spectrum of courses in fields such as marketing, communication, logistics, finance, administration, management and civil […], For 50 years, Grandjean School has been committed to responding to both the needs of economic players and student expectations. L’établissement souhaite adhérer à la FEDE afin de rentrer dans un réseau plus international pour amplifier et dynamiser sa communication. ENAAI courses are designed to provide theoretical, technical and artistic training to give students the optimal skills and knowledge to take their studies to […], A leading distance-learning business school in France, ENACO’s vocation is to train professionals and leaders of the future through e-learning programmes in the fields of commerce, marketing, management, finance, administration and human resources. The E.H.E.P.M is a psychology institution founded on the theory of Paul Diel, a twentieth century psychotherapist. The school is keen on providing quality education that is exposed to Europe and the […], Altéa Formation, a private higher education institution located in Bordeaux (France), offers courses ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in various fields: secretarial studies, commerce, management, e-commerce, marketing, human resources, etc. In the increasingly demanding field of tourism, quality education in administration, sales, communication and negotiations is vital. ENSIT enables […], EPCCI, the Practical School of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Ivory Coast, is a higher education institution based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) that was created in 1938. Le fait […], Sherbrooke Academy strives to endow its students with practical skills and necessary assets to allow them to quickly integrate the job market. It offers diplomas ranging from a high school diploma to master’s degrees in maintenance of computer, electronic and automatic systems, as well as specific programmes to […], EMPSI is a place of teaching and sharing located in Casablanca. Des formations pour devenir agriculteur en MFR. Its courses are tailored to the socio-economic needs of companies as well as those of the local and international market. It is involved in various fields of expertise: sales, communication, administration, management, IT, languages and hygiene & safety. The institute has 3 entities: iBTS: from high school diploma to 2 years post-high school studies iBACHELOR: Bachelor’s degrees iMASTERE: Master’s degrees The institution positions professionalisation at the heart of its pedagogical approach, which […], Since 2006, Icademie, a distance and on-site learning centre, has been offering over 120 courses in a variety of fields such as human resources, marketing, communication, management and web, among others. There are 13 professionals named Marine Regnier, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. All IMC programmes have been designed as bridges between secondary education and the labour market. At the heart of a demanding sector, EHC strives to offer excellent training, which is highly in demand among recruiters. The Institute’s graduates are employed by major jewellery brands and workshops. Training students to be professionals and responsible is […], A human-size school, 100 students per year, 100% remote Experienced and graduated teachers, 100% dedicated to their students. Students from all over the world attend the quality programmes in the heart of the French capital. The institution offers quality service in terms of teaching, owing to its attention, responsiveness and knowledge of the market, especially […], Form@ction is a higher educational institution and a private vocational training centre located in Fort de France, Martinique. The courses at Multihexa Casablanca are in step with the rapid and […], For over 20 years MultiHexa Meknes has been training top professionals in numerous domains. The goal of ACFAL FORMATION is to meet the expectations of the learners (students, employees, job seekers, […], The AFI-L’UE Group, created in 1993 by a couple who are chartered accountants, is a Senegalese private higher education institution. The academic programmes are all based on a skills-based approach. Students have the opportunity to study as part of a […], Business School Lausanne (BSL) is a private Swiss business school that offers BBAs, Masters, MBAs and DBAs, and whose goal is to train future managers who are responsible, competent and keen on societal, environmental and economic issues, locally and internationally. ITIC offers specialised higher educational courses ranging from school-leaving to master’s level. Alexa world traffic rank is 628,885 and Alexa France rank is 21,298.Page speed score of 92 out of 100. Établissement spécialisé dans la formation initiale et des formations alternées spéciales dans les technologies de système de production. Internships […], The SCMC, Supply Chain Management Center, is a private higher education institution located in Tetouan (Morocco).